FHC Shanghai Report

November 18, 2015FHC China 2015

The Biggest professional import food and beverages show 19th FHC China, closed at Shanghai last week. The Expo start from 11th to 13th Nov. 2015. Also the 3rd Shanghai ProWine show opened at the same time.

最大最专业的进口食品饮料展会,暨第19届 上海国际食品饮料及餐饮设备展览会,于上周在上海完美落幕。展会为期3天,2015年11月11日至13日。同期举行的还有第三届上海国际进口酒类精品展览会。

In total, 2,150 international food and wine exporters and distributors from 66 countries exhibited at FHC China 2015 and they met with 66,561 trade buyers from all over China.


17 Australian food and beverage companies exhibited in the International Food & Drinks Hall and 8 Meat & Livestock Australia members exhibited in the specialised Meat Hall at the 19th edition of FHC China in Shanghai in November. Our PFTAGG Australian Company is one of them.


Exhibitors reported great contacts and strong interest.  Geoff Goh, Business Manager of Food and Agribusiness, Trade and Investment Queensland commented that:”The FHC trade show went exceptionally well as some of our Qld exhibitors gained export sales and we have received many positive feedback since then.”

此次展会,参展商们收获颇丰,反响极好。昆士兰州贸易投资委员会,食品和农业部商务经理,Geoff Goh,评论道:“展会进展的相当好,提高了我们昆士兰州的一些参展商的出口销售额,同时,我们收到了相当好的反馈。

This sentiment was also reflected across the entire trade show with the FHC China trade show organiser – Brendan Jennings of China Exhibition Services noting “Results… have proved beyond any doubt that despite the negative press of China’s GDP growth forecasts, the market for imported food and wines is still growing rapidly and expanding at a faster rate year on year.  The driving force for this demand is China’s quality conscious, middle class and hospitality trade”.

展会主办方-中国展览服务公司总经理博金宁采访中对此次展会的成功,评论道:“毫无疑问,上周FHC和Prowine China 盛会的斐然成绩有力说明了尽管国内GDP增长预测遭受重重负面压力,进口食品和酒类市场依然增长迅速并保持良好增长态势。这种增长的推动力来自于国内对质量意识的重视、中产阶级数量的增加和酒店行业的发展。”

PFTAGG Australia as one of the representative from Victoria, Australia. We done an excellent job. We got lost of positive comments about our Australian Fine food products, such as Australian oats, ginger beer, and puree etc., some customers decided to cooperate with us on booth directly.

我们的澳洲总公司PFTAGG 作为澳大利亚维多利亚州企业的其中一名代表,展会成果颇佳。我们所引进的澳洲优质进口食品收到了广大客户的一直好评,例如澳洲燕麦,姜啤汽水,果泥系列产品等。部分客户当场与我方达成合作意向。

South of China market is a big market for all of exporters. Also the competitive is big. So the most important part is finding a good partner who you can trust, to develop your business together, before you decided to enter china market. PFTAGG Australia will be a good choice for you.

中国的南方市场是一个很大的市场,同时竞争也非常的激烈。所以在你决定要进入中国市场之前,一定要找一个值得信赖的好的合作伙伴。PFTAGG 将会是您不错的选择。